Printing Customized Colored Plastic Folder
or Personalized Plastic Shirt

Our customized plastic folders are printed in color with the same quality as paper printing. The plastic adds flexibility and transparency of more or less opaque. We have classic sizes open, closed, with flaps, letter size, with easy closure, button, velcro, etc ... Generally, the team customized productions according to your needs.

Our plastic folders are innovative marketing tools! It is a support for your communication, exhibitions, events, product launches, client files and contracts, presentations, patient files, training materials, and more.

Customized Plastic Folder 309 x 220mm

This video presents two examples of customized transparent or opaque white plastic sleeves. Our customized transparent sleeves can also be made with an opaque selective area.

The example of transparent semi-opaque video pockets in the video, the black and yellow tints on an opaque white background are very close to a 100% opacity. You can see the sample on the video. On the "Templates" page you have the example of editing in Illustrator or PDF format to download.

Advantage N° 1 : Utility

If you have a plastic pouch, you keep it because it is useful! Unlike cardboard sleeves, our plastic sleeves are in standard size used on daily activities. A beautiful personalized pocket, handling over to a salon or to a salesman can be reused with its professional outlook intact.

Advantage N° 4 : Flexibility

It is impossible to twist a cardboard sleeve without causing irreparable damage. In the event of a handling error, putting in a bag... with customized plastic sleeves, you'll no longer have this problem. You can twist it in any direction. This is even practical if you are forced to bend it into a bag, a coat pocket or a shipping tube for example.

Advantage N° 2 : Transparency

The transparency of the customized plastic folders makes it possible to use zones to reveal its contents. You can, for example, select white background on one area of plastic folder while some areas are transparent to reveal a part of the inner document: title, barcode, and customer information, file number, etc... There are many ways to make full use of transparency of plastic folders during graphic creation.

Advantage N° 5 : Longevity

With various handling over time, even with the greatest care, more or less, one finds that the carton pockets are damaged fast according to its quality. Plastic pouches have the advantage of not being damaged over time or if they are handled intensively.

Advantage N° 3 : Protection

Accidents do happen one day that our documents or a cardboard placed on our desk were stained with coffee, tea or others... With pockets or plastic folders, you have no worries! Your folder is safe and your documents are protected. With the use of rag or sponge, just wipe it out and seems to be nothing happened.

Advantage N° 6 : Humidity Protection

If the storage of your cardboard boxes is exposed to moisture or if you have water damage or handling error, your cardboard folders may damage quickly. With plastic sleeves, there is no risk! Even if the storage carton is deteriorated by moisture, your plastic sleeves remain intact.

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Printing of customized plastic folder colour,
Standard or tailor-made format.


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