Videos Personalized Plastic Folders

Examples and video presentations of customized plastic folders

Discover some examples and presentations of personalized plastic folders in different formats to give you ideas of design and finishes. You will be able to see the difference between transparency and support white background, between support white with CMYK printing and selective support white...

01- Example of personalized plastic folder C01 with gradient towards transparency

03-Example personalized plastic folder C01 with a high demand on colour and details

05-Example personalized plastic folder H01 with closing flap

07-Example personalized plastic folder G00 with right and left flaps

02-Example personalized plastic folder C01 with a white background for selective support on the front side

04-Example customised plastic folder C01 with supporting white background

06-Example Plastic folder color C01 - transparent and semi-opaque

Printing of customized plastic folder colour,
Standard or tailor-made format.


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